Wednesday, March 4, 2009


How do we get some immediate reforms to the criminal justice system that will quickly bring an end to the current gang warfare that has killed way too many people?

We start fundraising here in Vancouver. We need to raise enough money to buy a couple of hundred one-way WestJet tickets Vancouver to Ottawa. We make sure there is enough money left over to rent four or five Rockcliff Park mansions for six months and a couple of dozen downtown Ottawa hotel rooms. Oh, yeah, we throw in the keys for a half dozen or so rented armoured vehicles waiting at Ottawa airport for the arrival of the Westjet flights.

One more thing-- let's get an Ottawa gun dealer to stay open late a few nights next week. Then we set up an office in Surrey and publish an ad in the paper. All Red Scorpion, UN, Independent Soldiers and Hells Angels gang members are welcome to sign up for a free trip. No strings attached. Actually let's throw in a few thousand dollars spending money for each of them and a map showing where Parliament Hill is located-- a nice open space to shoot it up at night. No real neighbours to bother with the sounds of automatic gunfire.

The cost -- about $1,380,000 -- way less then the cost of running the BC Integrated Gang Task Force.

We would see Criminal Code changes probably within 45 days.


Psychiatry continues to lend a great disservice to jurisprudence in Canada.

Vince Li beheaded and then mutilated and cannibalized a man on a Greyhound Bus.

But psychiatrist Stanley Yaren has testified that Li is Not Criminally Responsible and should therefore be confined to a mental institution - not prison - "possibly for his entire life."


This raises the very possible spectre - given the track record of Corrections Canada and the National Parole Disservice - that Li will one day be walking amongst us.

Will someone please make an effort to get shrinks out of the court room?


Last night I actually saw some of the Dziekanski inquiry on the TV news.

What was truly terrifying was the calm, placid robot performance of RCMP Constable Kwesi Millington as he lied over and over again while under oath.

Every little detail he provided of this sorry incident was contradicted by the video of same.

He says he had to taser Dziekansky three times to bring him down and then have all four officer/thugs wrestle the poor guy to the ground.

The video shows that the man fell down screaming in agaony after one taser blast.

Five lawyers are billing taxpayers at large rates to defend these quick-draw Stasi jackboots.

And prosecutors announced long ago that there will be no charges laid against them.


So will the RCMP keep Millington and his fellow Tin Men around in uniform?

How safe will you feel if these Nervous Nellies stop you one night on a routine drive?

This is a dark time for Law and Order in this country.


It's to be known officially as the Homelessness Intervention Project - HIP.

And Provincial Housing Minister Rich Coleman, that noted humanitarian, will be the head cheese.

Coleman doesn't agree with the auditor-general's tough assessment of his government's accomplishments to date.

"I think there has been significant leadership on this file," says Coleman the Kind.


News for you, Bud.

It's not a file.

It's many human beings who are cold and hungry, you putz.

Now, let's follow the money and get to the bottom line of this spurious announcement.

In the recently tabled provincial budget, Mr. Coleman's allotment for housing was cut by $70 Million.

End of story, Kids.

The gall, the transparency, the dark, dark comedy of these fools.


CTV will fire 118 people from their newsrooms. They will cut several morning shows from their "A" channels.

And Glow-Ball wants the CRTC to ease back on Canadian content regs.

What passes for "Canadian broadcasting" is a cruel comedy.

Canadian broadcasting executives have made many millions of dollars for many years by buying and airing L.A. content that we could happily watch or ignore on American channels any time.

Instead, with the Simulcast license to print money, we the viewer continue to endure always missing the first tee shot or the first down of the game or the first clue on the quiz show because CTV or Global or the CBC can't get back to the program on time.

Imagine, just imagine, if Canadian broadcasters were told you can show no programs other than those you produce here in Canada.


We may or more likely may not ever have a broadcast industry again, but at least we could watch ABC or CBS just as they are broadcast.


Three shootings, two dead, two injured, East Van, Burnaby, Surrey.

That story just in at the Sun this morning.

But don't worry.

The police are arresting many gang people for many things and the leaders in Victoria are busy helping out the situation.