Thursday, August 28, 2008


Let's be honest.

I read three newspapers on line this morning: The Sun, The Province and The NY Times.

Gornisht, nothing, zipkins.

The only story even half worth considering was that the LPGA wants all its lady golfers to speak English.

I've got a flash for the LPGA.

You can get a license to drive a car in Vancouver using any one of 167 languages, other than English.

Hence, the advent of the Happy Wanderers...what street was that?

Advise for the LPGA.

Get Michelle Wie to give up the idea she can play with the men. Stick to decisions like where should we put the cup on the 14th green.

OK. Enough.

Now, if one of you can just 'splain me where is the summer we used to have? This is global warming?