Monday, March 5, 2007


We were first made aware of this rather intriguing and bizarre story 2 days ago. We sat on it because we couldn't really verify the story through the customary 2 reliable sources.

But here it is as revealed through an airline website known as "Plane Buzz."

If true, Dr. David Ho, the owner of Harmony Airlines and whose family made an enormous fortune selling cigarettes in China, was busted over the weekend for solicitation and drug possession, asked to speak to his friend, the Chief of Police, and then had Global and CKNW drop all further news reports.

If this story is untrue, then why it did surface ever so briefly in the first place on these two well-respected news desks?
Are Justice and Journalism for sale?

The Games People Play

Soccer is the world's most popular sport, is it not?

Hasn't British soccer star, David Beckham, just been given $200,000,000,000,000 to play for 4 minutes in South Los Angeles, or something?


So FIFA (which I'm starting to think should be renamed "FeeFee") and its governing body, IFAB (which I thought was a modelling agency), have decided that Maria Monsour that 11 year old bandita, major criminal, and world's most wanted may NOT wear her Muslim scarf on her head if she wants to continue to kick a leather orb around a grass field in Montreal or anywhere else on this round earth.

No word yet, however, on what FIFI or IFAB or HOOCARES are going to do about human beings killing each other in mad crowd rampages at soccer games. After all, those "tragedies" are "regrettable" while clearly this hijab lunacy is something we can deal with right now.
So there.

Valuing Our Health care System

Do we have problems with our health care system in Canada?

Yes, of course we do. And we are right to remain vigilant in our pursuit of BETTER.

But, just to put our situation in perspective, check out how our wonderful neighbors to the south are doing in their land of plenty and opportunity.

Herewith is a chilling story of a 50 year old real estate agent, who like 47 million of her fellow Americans is without health care insurance.

Read it and weep for her, and then be happy and grateful for yourself, Canucklehead.

Daily Number

On Saturday at about 5:45 pm, I heard an author of The Jim Rome Show reveal that shortly after Barry Bonds began using steroids on a regular basis, his shoe size went from a 9 1/2 to a 13!!!

Also his head size increased dramatically from a 6 something to a major 7 something.

The author explained that our up and down bones mature at a certain age and we are basically set, but that the "extremities" can be affected by a number of things, including, apparently the growth hormones meant originally for horses and cattle.

What, if anything, these lovely additives might do for other favorite body parts was not indicated.