Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sheila Fraser for Pope!

One looks forward year after year to the Auditor-General's reports.

Ms. Fraser never disappoints.

A litany of monies wasted, projects never completed, bureaus expanded in all directions at once, right hands having no idea what lefts are doing, it is YOUR GOVERNMENT ON PARADE...

Have you ever been to Ottawa? Have you ever seen the External Affairs complex, block after brick block of it?

According to Sheila, the Deaprtment has no idea how it spends your money, no direction, no coherence, no reasonable future.

Ms. Fraser is Canada's greatest asset. Put her on coins and bills. Give her the throne, houses in the country, greyhounds and falcons. She's my all-time fave.

We are Being Protected?

Our quote of the week is a clear winner.

It comes from retired justice John Major, commenting on the RCMP's defenseless claims that they "overlooked" certain informations that could have prevented the deaths of 331 people in the Air India bombings.

"Oversight is not filling your dog's dish with water."

Runner-up in the quote category was the Pearson Airport RCMP genius, who said, "I do not feel there is a need for extra security by this force."

Of course, the officer was half-right. A half-wit who was half-right. What with all the telexes and other warnings from a number of sources -revealed now after more than 20 years! -that disaster was but a breath around the corner, of course there should have been a number of actions taken, including increased and vigilant security at several Canadian airports. What he was right about, however, was adding "by this force."

Clearly, the RCMP and CSIS are a bumbling Clouseau, stepping blithely in fountains and killing innocent people while they dither.

To read these details of incompetence now is to tear your hair out, to scream with frustration and agony and to weep for the lives lost, the families bereaved and the shame of the braggart killers who still walk amongst us.

How Much was That?

Can you say "Litigious," Boys and Girls?

Our friend Martin, who is getting married on Saturday, by the way, sends us this unbelievable yet true story from Washington, DC, where a judge is suing a little neighbourhood dry cleaners, run by a family of Korean immigrants, for $67 Million for a pair of lost pants.

We are not making this up. Read and shake your head here. Only in America.