Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blame the Judges for 2 Innocent Deaths

In the story about 6 people killed in the Surrey apartment, there is one glaringly obvious factor which is not getting enough attention.

The four now assassinated petty criminals who were the targets of this mayhem were all "known to the police."

That's a too, too polite way of saying that, although they were all under 22 years of age, they had all been arrested and charged many, many times for many, many crimes, including the use of firearms.

So, why were they living Scott free in an apartment in Surrey? Why were they not in one of our illustrious Canadian penitentiaries where they so obviously belonged?

Two completely innocent citizens were murdered in this massacre.

I would argue that the lives and deaths of those two innocent men hang over the heads of the judges and courts who failed the community by not sending these criminals to prison.

Now, Wally Opaque isn't going to do anything, we know that.

And when Stephen Harper talks about getting tough on crime, he is demonized by the snivelling classes.

Is there any such thing as an Honorable Politican?

Politics is losing much of its fascination for me.

It has become so transparently a mug's game, a slime ball's home turf.

The Booster B.C. fiasco is the latest example.

2000 child booster car seats "given" (paid for by your tax dollars) to needy families. Sounds good. maybe.

Until you realize that they were all given by Liberals, each of whom rushed to the foto op.

Minister of State for Childcare, Linda Reid, who as we all know is doing such a remarkable job, said, "There's no politics in booster seats."

Except that no NDP ridings got them.

Buying votes by kissing babies is so bush.

Who $tole the E$$? Watch your E$$!

Did you all notice the day when Spanish Banks became Spanish Bank?

Well, thanks to an old friend of mine, the "s" is back!

This hysterical story is a textbook classic illustration of bureaucratic idiocy and money wasting.

Thanks to Robert Werner for bringing it to my attention.