Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm addicted to my post....

uh... I mean my blog.

I know I said I was going to take a break for a few days, but...

Look, you know where I can find a meeting of B.A. (Bloggers Anonymous) tonight?

"Hi, my name's David, and I...."

The Clarity of Campbell's Priorities

She has now been described as " one of the nicest persons I’ve met.”

She has also been suspected of being drunk while driving her Ford Escape too fast and dangerously near Nanaimo on Monday, resulting in the deaths of two of her boys.

The police would like to look at the blood sample the hospital now has.

This is to say that what follows does not let this individual off the hook. Speeding and trying to pass in these nightmare snow-out conditions is simply crazy.


The particular stretch of highway where this tragedy unfolded - Cassidy, near Nanaimo, has had 50 collisions since 2003. One man who works at the Cassidy Inn pub says he terrified every night when he leaves the parking lot. In spite of calls from local residents to add some safety measures, like cement median dividers and traffic lights, the Highways Ministry and has not responded and ICBC - home of the Hushed UP Chop Scandal -has not yet flagged this a as "high crash area."

Let's see...50 crashes since '03 and ICBC can't designate this a "high crash area?"

Of course they can't.

Because that would mean money and action on the part of the provincial government.

And for any of you who have ever driven anywhere near Nanaimo or have a Google map handy, you will note that this particular neck of the woods ISN'T PART OF THE SEA-TO-SKY OLYMPIC SPEED ROUTE.

Now, this is exactly an example of the editorial I posted on Saturday, "The Role of Government in Our Lives."

Mr. Campbell will spend millions upon millions for that famous road to Whistler Village, but God forbid he should spend a few thousand on fixing a dangerous stretch of highway less than two hours dangerous drive from the legislature.

Political realities are clear and they are not attractive.

Social Studies, Eleven

Pope Benedict in his end-of-the-year speech at the Vatican on Monday, said that homosexuality is as much a threat to the human race as climate change.


Ignorance on Holy High.

Let's leave aside why the Pontiff would bother to speak so negatively about anything in an annual Christmas message.

Has some one not informed the dear man that men and women shtup?

Biology or God's Great Plan - take your pick - dictate that men and women are going to couple at fairly regular intervals and - miracle of miracles - nine months later .... WALDO!

The inevitable fact that some men will play with some men and some women will play with some women will never alter the statistically overwhelming assurance that the human race will continue to procreate.

No matter what your opinion or my opinion on the rights or wrongs of these realities, shtupping will continue apace.

May His Holiness find rest in these troubled times.

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