Thursday, October 8, 2009


I wrote yesterday in this space about how the Olympics are increasingly doing the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do - they are threatening core democratic principles.

Today we learn that the City of Vancouver has a by-law that is clearly complicit in stifling dissent and free speech.

Geoff Meggs is a bright and decent guy and a good addition to City Council, but he must be kidding when he defends this stupidity.

Everyone at VANOC and the world-dominating IOC and the City of Vancouver should all take a pill and try really hard to just relax.

The famous effing Games will come and go and some will have a great party and some will win medals and most will be shut out by not having an MP in their family who could get tickets, and some like me will go far, far away, and some will stay and protest.

And that's Life in the Big City, Kids.

By-Laws and fines for wearing a T-shirt?

Come on! It's a fucking shirt. Live with it. Get over it. Print your own funny shirt.


Major congratulations must be extended to Samuel Aparicio and his colleagues at the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre at the BC Cancer Agency.

They have not found the ellusive "cure for cancer," but they have brought us all a lot closer.

Their breakthrough in genme sequencing may lead to faster, morse individualized and more effective treatments.

Read the story here and then ask your MP how we are doing in supporting research.


That tasteless crook, many times indicted, never convicted, Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, may be losing his grip.

Poor baby.

Italy's top court has ruled that the law he passed giving him immunity from prosecution is unconstitutional.

Lately, Berlusconi has, among other things, taken to making public jokes about President Obama's "tan."

How bad must all the other politicians in Italy be that this corrupt and creepy man has three times been elected to the highest office?

For the Man Who Has Everything - Or maybe Too Much

Fashionista bullet-resistant togs are all the rage in the Excited States.

Wear bullet-proof, but look cool and groovy. That's the way to go these days.

Of course, the market is also hot in Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Columbia and Thailand.