Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Mayor, Please

Carole Taylor is right to step away from the run to the Mayor's chair, but it is truly our loss.

If she ran, she would have virtually guaranteed an end to the Nutty Mayor's ugly, divisive and do-nothing reign.

Now, we must hope and pray that SOMEONE will emerge as Contendah.

Sullivan is surrounded by Federal Conservative Party hacks who devote most of their tax-payer time to re-electing this sham and disaster. He also has a coterie of blind loyalists who worship his every utterance.

Yesterday's shameful front-page Cinderella story of his "romantic wedding proposal in Venice," no less, was so transparently a PR ploy that all one could do was gasp at the callousness.

Cope and Vision have played themselves out of the sandbox.

It will take someone new with a new bank account to wrest the chair away from this public menace.

Quote of the Day

David "Cross the Floor" Emerson is in Beijing firing on all cylinders.

To hell with human rights - on with the Games!

"There are other ways of dealing with the various issues on human rights and other connected issues without sullying the virtues of Olympic events and competitions."

So, on top of not wanting to talk about "uncomfortable" realities, we should censor dissent?

We are surrounded by real democrats, aren't we?

Nutty Mayor Steals From Park Board Budget

Marvelous editorial piece by Vancouver Park Board commissioner, Loretta Woodcock (What a great name for a Park Board person!), in today's Sun.

She correctly blames the Nutty mayor for spending money on nothing and then asking the Park Board to cut their own spending.

A must read.