Wednesday, February 20, 2008


With today's Guest Post, Victor kicks off a new tradition.

It's called "Berner's Best" and its all about your recommendations for the best tea, bread, classical music, bikes, doggie paths, men's shirts in town.

We, who shamelessly measure our lives in coffee spoons believe we should share our restaurant finds with other spooners.

The thought occurs that maybe Berner's Blog might be a place where we could post our "best" experience for the benefit of other spooners. We could call it " Berner's Best'.

My introductory submission would be a Japanese restaurant called "Applause" at 8269 Oak, in downtown Marpole.

Why do I submit this?

Let me count the ways. OK, enough poetic references already.

First, they greet you with that Japanese hello thing when you enter. You know, the loud, joyous greeting that Japanese restaurants used to offer before they went corporate.

Then the sashimi portions. Fist sized. Fresh. Marvelous.

But wonder of wonders, a solitary lunch guest can actually take a whole booth and read the paper for 20 minutes before ordering. No hectoring gaze, no tea pot rustling.

Prices are moderate.

Yeah, it's Marpole. But if I can enjoy Vivaldi in my Toyota, I can enjoy sashimi in Marpole.

Besides. parking is free on side streets and no methhead will rob your car.

Of course, the inevitable will happen. Spooners will now mob this place, quality will go down, prices will go up and some snotty maitr'D will ask if you have a reservation.

Go now.

Victor Godin

Carole's Carbon Tax

Sorry, folks.

I don't buy it.

The cost of driving my car and heating my house will rise and therefore, I am going to change lifelong habits and become a worthy citizen?

I don't think so.

At least, I don't think so about you.

I already drive a tiny, fuel-efficient and well-maintained 15-year old car, which I leave in the garage every Saturday.

But you drive 2 Ford Exploders, which you drive 9 days a week and you love it and you're not going to give it up for a 2.3 cents/litre bump.

It's true that my house is not well-insulated and that it has skylights and many windows and is just one bullrush above sleeping in the weeds.

But I'm not going to spend $20,000 to become David Suzuki's best friend.

I think this budget will result in next to NO climate change whatsoever.

I think that, like so many of Capbell's "initiatives," this is smoggy smoke and dusty mirrors.

Gravity is still accepted

In Florida, evolution has been downgraded to a theory. And this is how it will be taught in what passes for schools in the enlightened sovereign state.

But, don't worry. There is a complete separation of church and state in America and religion has little sway in public affairs.

Ella Fitzgerald sings