Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bankrupt Party

Francis Bula has written a first-rate piece on the front page of the local edition of this morning's Globe.

In it, she chronicles the endless escalating costs of the famous Olympic Village. Read the full story for the numbers and weep. The final total cost will easily exceed a Billion dollars. The City of Vancouver is increasingly on the hook and pegging more and more of its limited resources on this one horse.

Of course, the officials, like City Councillors Louie and Meggs, insist alles iz gut and all will work out ïn the fullness of time."

Hey, Ray and the fullness of time, I will be a Hollywood movie star, my next-door neighbour will win the Nobel for particle physics and and the guy at the fish store won't start a conversation with "How about those Canucks!"

The irony of this story is that it sits on the page in the print edition smack up against The Culprit.

There he is waving from the window of a helicopter on his way to his re-election - Gordo, the Great.

The man who has brought you the $Billion housing project that is bankrupting the City of Vancouver.

Oh what rich comedy if he lost the election (He won't.) and had to sit out The Big Party.

We can dream, can't we?

It Won't Stop

Officers used reasonable force, police expert tells taser inquiry

Sergeant Brad Fawcett of the Vancouver police said because the officers believed Mr. Dziekanski was about to attack them or someone else with a stapler, they had reasonable grounds to use the stun gun.


To laugh is to cry is to spit is to throw up our hands in hopeless disgust...

End of an Era

My passion for NFL football has waned in recent years.

My enthusiasm for CFL football evaporated shortly after BC Place opened.

Now, John Madden is retiring from the broadcast booth (NBC Sunday Night Football) and his likely replacement will be the entirely limp Chris Collingsworth.

Over and out.

Maybe if Tom Brady comes back and leads the Patriots to another Super Bowl win...

He's 74!!! and He's Having a Time