Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sleuthing Pinter

Remember "Sleuth," the movie with Olivier and Michael Caine?

Well, it's been remade with Michael Caine in the Olivier role and Jude Law, also the film's producer, as the younger man.

What makes this all the more intriguing is that Harold Pinter wrote the new screenplay.

Read this marvelous background piece from today's NY Times on Mr. Pinter.

The Joys of Private Medicare in the Excited States

While President Bush has vetoed the possibility of health insurance for 10,000,000 American children, new investigations have revealed that private insurers are bilking citizens shamelessly.

Bush's spurious argument is that this bill would lead to the slippery slope of - God forbid! - Socialized Medicine, which apparently is more frightening than Communism or sagging breasts.

Read the Medicare Audits story here.

Joshua Redman vs James Carter Live At Carnegie Hall

Here's 2 of the best of today's players...