Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1 - The 2-Tier Shot

Private-clinic patients jump the line for flu shot

Health agencies give clinics in Toronto and Vancouver access to vaccines amid shortage; Ontario vows review

No. Not a swift move, folks.

Not when people are lining up for blocks to get theirs.

The Copeman Clinic here in Vancouver has already received its first shipment and expects more.

Then why are my doctor and his clinic still waiting?

Time Warped

What century is this?

Pay for these dimwits to travel about, wave at the peasants?

Th photo in the print edition is much better.

C & C are captured in the back of an open carriage. He is sporting a top hat, she a great swooping white something on her head and a quiet tasteful bead of pearls.

King...queen...royal consort. Whatever.

I read through Sir Walter Scott by the time I was about eight.

Nice old bygone era for sure.

Hello, Future. Bye Bye Canerda.

While the broadcasters and the cable companies continue to make the Globe and other papers rich with their daily full-page ads accusing each other of being THE robber barons in the television landscape, Sheridan Scott has written a prescient little piece this morning pointing us to the real future - the net.

She warns that the Brits and Aussies are accommodating themselves to the new communications world and illustrates how Canada is typically twiddling its dials and thumbs.

Note the obvious - you have read all of this on your computer, or for all I know, on your smart phone while eating a sandwich, making love, driving your beemer and moving that portfolio into something more productive.

Canada, the B movie.

For the Birds

When I saw that very large and fat and healthy looking robin on the laburnum tree behind my house this morning, I was sure that I was hallucinating again.

Or maybe the poor thing was just five months off schedule.

But then I checked with my Audubon Field Guide (There's one on the kitchen window sill and one on the table near the glass doors off the living room.) and cheer-eep, cheer-up:

The American Robin winters in British Columbia and Newfoundland.

Who knew?

I hope my guy has a good safe flight to St. John's.