Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sophie Milman - Back Home To Me

Here's a marvelous new singer...

Victor at the Movies

Sir Tom Courtenay, a splendid actor, was complaining about the tendency of some young actors to mumble. Says Sir Tom " Some handsome young actors assume that it's enough 'that I come on and be lovely'.

It says so much about the self importance of so many actors. Time was when we just went to a movie, came out and said, " Boy, can that Cary Grant ever act."

Now, you're more likely to hear movie goers say, " God, George Clooney just made the biggest statement in western thought since Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason'.

Actually no. It's only a movie. George, Brad, Tom, Angelina are just actors. They read stuff other people write for them. It takes a day to get them to recite 2 minutes of memorized script. They are not intellectuals and they do not have any formula for world peace and saving the planet.

And many of them can't act.

Fashion With a Bite

IN their relentless pursuit of the right to bear arms and arm bears, the Americans are now selling tasers to your average dough head consumer.

This will make arguing with the stupid lady with 12 weeks of groceries in the Express Lane at Safeway particularly daunting now.


Welcome to Nanjing.

Have a nice stay.

Now, That's Not Fair!

BC Hydro hires a "Fairness" watchdog and then fires the man when he points out that something the corp is doing isn't fair.


I love institutional behaviour.
The whole sordid little tale is here.

Bye Bye Bush

It was a kind of test of one's mental stability to watch President Bush's State of the Onion speech last night.

What a horror show.

The evil Cheney behind him. The sabre rattling. The jingoisms. The cheesy patriotism.

And The Smirk. Always The Smirk. Nothing even close to a genuine smile.


Lou Rawls Lady Love Live

Saw Lou Rawls at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel about 30 years ago. He was only sensational.