Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leave the Bridge Alone

Restricting two lanes on the Burrard Bridge to cyclists is madness.

How can City Council even for a second entertain such utter silliness?

After some discussion last night, Council has announced that it will make a decision on Thursday.

Any decision that further fouls traffic in this city is a bad one, plain and simple.

I have yet to see or personally experience a problem with cyclists on the sidewalks of the bridge.

Tinker, tinker, tinker...


In recent weeks, four young men have been executed in righteous, happy Abbotsford.

All were somehow involved in the drug biz. Quel surprise.

And we are learning exactly what from the police or the A-G about bringing the murderers to justice?

If it weren't for the continuing excellent journalism basics from The Sun's Kim Bolan we would be even more in the dark.

Count the Reasons

Nobody has spelled out so clearly the simple and direct reasons for you to vote Gordon Campbell out of office next Tuesday than Bill Tieleman.

Read Bill's blog posting of yesterday here, and then vote for the NDP.