Saturday, April 7, 2007

The News Down Under - Waaayyy Down Under

Two stories out of Australia are worth our attention...sort of.

The first shows that we are not alone here in Canada in our fine disregard for any common sense in the arena of Criminal Justice. The Aussie headline says it all, "Child murderer may be back out within a week." How reassuring that other jurisdictions are a mistaken as we are in dealing with lunatics.

The second story is about "moobs." I realize this may be a new word for most of us, but when you consider that we all learned to say "manssier," after a certain Seinfeld episode, I'm sure we can get used to men having their "breasts" surgically reduced in size. Yikes!

Getting it Wrong, and for the Wrong Reasons

The Number One story today and for the next umpteen years is and will be Climate Change.

This morning's Rag puts it at the bottom of the page.

Why? Because they think a completely false non-story about kids choking themselves is a better (racier, sexier, bloodier, more lucrative) headline.

Wrong again, Boys.

The professor's "one in five" bullshit ranks right up there with one-in-five Canadians is suffering from depression and one-in-ten persons is gay, both of which are colossol fictions furthered by people with a stake in the lie.

How about one in five academics is a dork who is hopelessly out of touch woith reality. Uh, make that three in five.

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Unbelievable, but true.

Saw it with my own eyes.

Yesterday, I'm on my morning walk in the 'hood. The headlines are screaming global warming and the end of lives as we know them. Water, for sure, will be scarce.

So, I'm walking. And we've just survived - what - 40 days and 40 nights of relentless rain. So, we've got the first day of sunshine in months, guessed it, some yahoo is sprinkling his little lawn and his two patches of daffodils.

It's no wonder we're destroying the earth. people are just flat stupid and dead selfish.

Bob Dylan - Masters of War

You asked for it; you got it.
Thanks so much for the recommendation.
Dylan was sitting next to me in a folk coffee shop on West Broadway in the 60's, while the owner was denying the rumor that Mr. Dylan might drop by.

Johnny Cash - Hurt

The last and possibly the greatest video by the master story teller.

Disney Opens Weddings to Gay Couples

Read it here.

What else can you say? Except, "Some day my Prince will come..."