Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Doctors Detest Insite than Support it - Report That

24 Hours reported yesterday that 134 "prominent" Canadian doctors support Insite, the so-called safe injection whorehouse. They claim that all of the evidence indicates that Insite has "contributed to reduced rate of HIV infection and overdose and an increase in treatment referrals."

Many of these scholars are U of Toronto eggheads who have never seen Vancouver, a drug addict or Insite.

The simple facts are these:

These so-called statistics are cooked and weighted and completely false and unreliable.

For every doctor who supports Insite, I can show you 3 who hate it.

What treatment? How can there be treatment referrals, when there is no treatment available? To what is anyone being referred?

You cannot discuss treatment with someone who is high. This is Rule One of The Low Life.

Why are these stories reported without question? Bad, sloppy, indifferent, lazy non-journalism. that's why.

Up in Smoke

The trouble with conventions - besides the bad hotel bar booze, the lousy chicken plates and the hookers - is that delegates get antsy and start proposing all manner of nutty resolutions.

No greater example than some emerging from the current gathering of the Canadian Medical Ass-Ociation. The good doctors, perceptibly out of touch with most realities, have now proposed, among other dillies, that the government should pass a law banning smoking in cars that are carrying children.


And how, exactly, you might ask these impractical practitioners, will this be enforced?

No banning smoking in cars, which would be difficult enough to enact and enforce, but ban smoking in cars with children.

How about banning smoking in cars with left-handed people or women wearing Chanel #5?

And what exactly are these docs smoking between learned symposia?

Sam Sullivan - Impressario

Meetings that last more than an hour are rarely productive.

Meetings that last 4 and and half hours are never productive.

What business is it of the Mayor of Vancouver where an opera star sings?

Why would this fool spend 4 and a half hours in a meeting to determine where the lovely lady might sing?

How about spending an hour or two ending the strike, and then - presto, change-o - the Orpheum will again be available for her concert?

Totally out of control.

The Laws Have Been Abandoned by the Lawmakers. No Wonder parents Jay Walk with their Children in Tow

The ongoing melodrama of Palayzed Refugee Man is sickening.

No doubt some enterprising TV executive has optioned it for a reality series.

People from Brandon to Gananoque will be able to phone in their votes on whether this illegal, lying fake immigrant should 1) be sent back to India tonight, 2) go back to his favorite pew or carpet in a rural mosque, or 3) be given the Order of Canada for Perseverance, Multiculturalism and Sheer Bafflegab.

High Culture

Opera has gone to the dopes.

Check out this story about substance abuse in Pavarotti Land, brought to our attention by our friend and commentor, Martin.

Who knew that life among the Verdi's could be so rough?

Islam in Europe