Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Love Idaho

Of course, I love the washrooms of Minneapolis-St. Paul even more.

Now, there are those who claim that it is physically impossible for a foot from one bathroom stall to wander errantly onto a foot minding its own business in the next booth.

Some may claim only a spastic fit could cause such a strange occurrence.

Certainly there has been no history of epilepsy in my distinguished family.

I am humbled by practically everything in life. A tomato humbles me. Bicycle spokes humble me. I was made for humbling.

Thank you.
p.s. You can watch my resignation speech in the post (If I may use that phrase...) below.
p.p.s. (If I may...) You can skip the advertisement if you like or watch it if you think it might be a good practice for your gullability quotient before watching my humble resignation.

MSN video

MSN video


I read the paper from cover to cover this morning.

And do know what I found?

Nothing. Gornisht, zipkins, de nada, nyet, zero, keduchas on a stick, windy pies and airy puddings.

Let's hope the weekend is somewhat dry, depending on your proclivities.

If you have such a thing as proclivities. Many people had them removed at an early age.

Many should have.

Many should.

It's not too late.

We Are Not Alone

Seems that being part of a Parole Board in any country, not just Canada - where Justice disappeared some 20 or 30 years ago - automatically renders one senseless.

Here's the headline in this morning's NY Times: "Parolee Linked to Killing of 5 Women in Michigan Capital "

Read the whole story here, and ponder this strange phenomenon, in which Parole Board members are universally the dumbest, most gullible and irresponsible fools on earth.

Ella Fitzgerald, Amsterdam 1957 - Angel Eyes

Nat king cole, Nature Boy