Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Boxter Boy is the Poster Child for Canadian Law

I named him "Boxter Boy."
It caught on.

The day after he killed an innocent young man, who was crossing Knight Street, I ranted on the radio for almost 2 hours about this horrible excuse for a human being.

I urged the fool to give himself up, turn himself in. The audience and phone-in callers were easily as outraged and horrified as I.
Well, Boxter Boy, Cliff Tang, got a 4 year sentence and a 10-year driving suspension.

Of course, he's at it again. He never really stopped his criminal, lawless anti-social behaviour.

BUT...the Parole Board let him out on Parole and he was shortly arrested again and sent back to jail.

He has a rap sheet many pages long and many years long.

BUT...we aren't serious about our legal and social responsibilities in this country.

Turn to the Business section of today's paper and read about the acquittal of the man behind the Bre-X gold fraud.

Here are the comments of 2 Canada watchers:

"Canada has an enforcement problem," said Columbia University law Professor, John Coffee. "Bre-X remains a synonym for securities fraud."
Peter Bowal, of the University of Calgary, says that Canada is a haven for white-collar crime because of its toothless securities laws. "It's a joke on the prosecution side and also on the sanction side."
For two days now, the Sun has been running an excellent series about fraudulent ESL schools and hookers brought in from Asia as "students."
Almost daily, we are presented with new revelations about the truths behind the Air India murders.
The only people remaining in Canada who have not lost all hope about our criminal justice system seem to be judges and politicians, neither of whom are open to change. The rest of us bailed long ago.
What we are left with is the useless and inappropriate daydream that someone will run over Boxter Boy.

The "Helpers" are the Biggest Addicts

The AIDS Committee of Ottawa will not be stopped.

The City of Ottawa has finally come to its senses and agreed that it will no longer fund the ACO in their 2 year disaster of providing free crack pipe kits to addicts.

But that hasn't slowed down the well meaning (The road to hell is paved with the best intentions.) determined helpers at ACO.

Addicted as they are to "helping" the helpless (and keeping the helpless helpless, so that they can keep helping them), the ACO will find its own money for continuing the devil's handiwork.

"Our mandate is to prevent the transmission of HIV and to improve the lives of people infected, said Kathleen Cummings, Executive Director. "The safe inhalation program is a proven way to do that."

Here is their official mission statement taken from their website.

"Since 1985, the AIDS Committee of Ottawa (ACO) has worked to empower people living with HIV/AIDS and the PHA (persons with HIV/AIDS) community in Ottawa through promoting the well-being and quality of life of those living with or closely affected by HIV/AIDS. "

Admirable enough, one would think.

Until you realize that what they are handing out is crack pipes, rubber mouth pieces and sterile swipes.

Why not clean shot glasses for drunks?

Why not lead a bus load of child molesters to the playground every morning?

Why not provide car thieves with bright new tools each day?

Ever consider helping someone to STOP using and get on with his sorry life?

Oh, no. But then you wouldn't have a customer for your so-called "Compassion."