Monday, April 12, 2010


Needles, coffins, criminals.

And that's the GOOD news.

If you vote for those bastards, they're going to steal your mother's inheritance money.

And so that.

Pamphlets and phone calls in Cantonese.

The pamphlets read “Authorized. Registered sponsor under the Elections Act”.

Of course, that was false. A lie.

All of this bogus and distasteful nonsense happened in the last provincial election in Vancouver-Fraserview, where Kash Heed was ultimately elected by a narrow margin.

Someone (ooooooo...who could it beeeee?) sent this scurrilous garbage out on behalf of the Liberals and against the NDP.

The only question at this point is who in the Liberal Party knew about this 'tactic?'

Mr. Heed? Mr. Campbell?

Does anyone in Liberal Land feel responsible for denigrating the elections process to this level?

My bet - like yours - is that no honorable men will fall on their swords.

Denial will be the order of the day and life as we know it will continue merrily in Supernatural.

My Sandbox or Yours?

Here's an old playground story.

We have a game.

You say, "I don't want to play your stupid game."

So you don't play and we do.

Then, your best friend shows up and he happily joins in the fun.

Pretty soon, you're begging us to let you play too.

The Game in this case is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

It's sort of like the EU, only the jerseys are a different colour.

The idiot who doesn't want to play is Canada, specifically the Prime Minister.

He's concerned about votes from dairy farmers in the only place in Canada that really matters - Ontario & Quebec.


But, hark.

The USofA is now joining this trade agreement that will only give access to 470 million consumers.

Oh...NOW we're interested.

Can we play?

But the American's are saying, "Butt out Canada. You had your chance and you blew it."

All I can say is it's a darn good thing we have so many adult gown-ups running things for us.

Please Hang Up and Dial Zero

There's no 911 in Yellowknife.

That doesn't stop Bell from charging 75 cents a month to all its cell customers up there for a service that doesn't exist.

Kudos to James Anderson, a retired school administrator, who is suing the telephone giant to return some of the $160 Million they gouge every year.

And when will the CRTC require ALL communities to carry working emergency numbers?

Hey, it's only Life & Death.