Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Courts and the Attorney General are Sick

Nothing can ever be said about the Air India nightmare that is good.

The news today that the sonovabitch who made the bomb is getting out on bail is, like most of this disgrace, sickening.

To add to the injury, Wally Opaque says we are not allowed to know the conditions of this man's bail.


Patrick Dome denied the man bail.

Anne Rowles overturned that decision claiming that to deny Reyat bail would be to undermine public confidence in the system?


Her reasoning - if such it can be called - was also kept secret.

And what does all this secrecy do to helping public confidence in the system?

Such judges and Opaque have no idea how much the public believes the system to be broken beyond repair.

Reyat was charged two years ago with perjury for allegedly lying 27 times under oath.

The law of averages tells us that if he was charged for lying 27 times, the likelihood is that he actually lied 97 times.

The Wheels Go Round

On Canada Day, we noticed that the first seven bicycle riders we saw did not wear helmets.

Over the course of the afternoon, as we cycled round from South False Creek to North and then English Bay, the average was 10 No Helmets to One Helmet.

Guess the law and common sense have simply gone.

My favorite, which I see almost daily, is the mom or dad who has the kid on the back of the bike. The kid is wearing a helmet but good parent is not.

One wants to ask, "So if you are killed and your head is squashed like a melon, this will help your child how?"

But how often can we interfere in people's lives? Who designated us as neighbourhood cop?

Fat Heads

The news that the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children start taking cholesterol drugs at age 8 and continue for the rest of their lives is appalling on a number of fronts.

Of course, it speaks to the overriding issue of obesity in youngsters today. How else to explain the billions sold at the arches? And the baskets of crap, packaged foods flying out of supermarkets shelves.

But more than that this unholy recommendation says so much about the grip held by BIG PHARMA on medicos and the general public.

What incentives were the Academy given to suggest in public and with a straight face that kids should be pill poppers for life?

Could they be more irresponsible or more beholden to the industry?