Thursday, May 7, 2009

Attenzione, si prega...

I am retiring the blog.


I have now written over 3,000 posts and been visited - if ever briefly - by over 135,000 people.

It's been fun, but it's time to move on.

I am 66 and I don't feel old, but I do feel different. Some sea change has occurred.

I read the paper and barely react to most stories. Afghanistan, Israel, Gordon Campbell, Carole James, the RCMP "managing" information, Iggy Pop...yawn.

The blog takes up one to two hours of my energy every morning.

I've decided that I need that energy for my work and for other things I am writing.

I have now written two drafts of a book about my years in the drug rehabilitation business. Good, as far as it goes, but I need a third draft.

I'm blessed.

A month after heart surgery, I'm playing tennis, swimming, riding my bike and walking. I have a lovely home, great friends and two wonderful grown children.

Baruch Hashem.

You folks who have been reading the blog and writing in have been wonderful. Your comments have been exactly what they should - funny, incisive, argumentative, spirited.

Time for some of you to entertain and inform us with your own blogs.

May we keep our eyes on the prize - good health, companionship, love, community, the spirit.

Books, movies, art, sport, gardening.

"Do unto others" will not be going out of fashion.

Sayonara, auf vederzein, shalom, ciao, baby, ciao, kum sumnida, taijian, au resevoir...

Thanks for listening, and goodnight.

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