Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it the Fish or the Paper that Stinks?

Mildew has long been one of the worst writers at the local paper. He covers the courts.

He is also a self-confessed and proud pot head. If he had his way, most everything in life would be legal. Let the chips fall where they may.

I go out of my way to not read his poisonous rants.

But this morning I actually got as far as paragraph 2. That, of course, is where I stopped.

This is what the sad fool had to say:

"For a decade now, this city has led the nation in new approaches to the persistent and pernicious problem of illegal substance abuse."

How could anybody get anything so completely wrong, backwards, inside out?

Vancouver and Victoria are leading the nation and possibly the world in creating one of the greatest urban social disasters of all time.

Once you pass the gimmick "science" of the Insite apologists - all of whom have their hands in the till - you quickly learn that Insite cannot name ONE HUMAN BEING WHO HAS MOVED ON FROM DRUGS. NOT ONE.

Drug addicts don't bother me. Never did.

It's what we used to call "the mid-town sillies" who give me the willies. These university educated, over talkative, intellectually barren, undersexed meddlers in social policy who should all be put on the last melting ice flow out of Dodge. They are the modern day Joseph Mengeles, experimenting and torturing real people in the name of social progress.

Shame on the newspaper for continuing the employment of such a misinformed, consistently negative and utterly doctrinaire creep as Mildew.


Librarians and Outside workers vote No???

Hired Guns Shooting Up Iraq

Two weeks it was Blackwater playing Wild West.

Yesterday another private "security" firm, RTI INternational, shot 2 completely innocent women in Baghdad. They only shot them about 40 times because the women's car was close to theirs.

Would someone please explain to me what is there in the so-called Iraq War that isn't sickening and totally corrupt?
More detestable details here.

Annie Lennox Every Time We Say Goodbye

She's one of the great great pop singers of our era. This is one of the great ballads from the American Song Book by Cole Porter. Nuff said?
Well, there's news. Annie has just released a new album and I've been told it's dynamite.