Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guest Blogger - Former Airline Flight Attendant, Pam

I can tell you exactly what is lacking on airplanes.

We were never given any supplies such as bathroom spray, disinfectant or proper hand soap. We started carrying our own supplies! If we had a major problem in a lav we would simply lock it off. The company never provided the crew with access to a lav so we often had to wait in line with passengers and deal with the aftermath of people who had never seen or used a western toilet!

The medipac is on every aircraft but needs to be signed by a medical doctor before it is unlocked. People do not realize how little we can do when a medical emergency occurs.

Also, aircraft have to be one of the most filthiest public places and I could not handle it when I saw people go in the lavs with bare feet!

I should write a book!!!!! I have seen rats and cockroaches on airplanes!!!!!! They no longer change the headrest covers and on many flights the blankets are re-cycled. Believe it or not there have been passengers seen blowing their nose in a blanket. Have I really grossed you out now??????!!!!!!

Immigration Helping Killers

Paul Cheema was a destructive, sick time bomb from the word go.

We've chronicled before his history of violence towards women and towards himself.

But for a moment, let's remember that he was ordered deported while serving a 42-month prison sentence.

Of course, the all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-compassionate completely out-to-lunch Immigration and Refugee Board reversed that deportation order because "he had strong family support in B.C."

Why doesn't the family of Shemina Hirji, the wife that he murdered a few days after their wedding, why don't they sue the Immigration and Refugee Board for gross negligence of their duties?

Don Corleone had the hearty support of his family. The Board doesn't go to the movies?

Don't get Sick on an Airplane

It is instructive to watch the mandarins gather the chuck wagons in a circle.

Dr. Alan Drummond wrote an article in 2002 called "On a wing and a prayer: medical emergencies on board commercial aircraft." Drummond called supplies and equipment woefully inadequate. Of course, his article and his offer to help airlines ramp up have been widely ignored.

Now that exactly such inadequacies were revealed in a recent trans-Atlantic flight, every hired flak for every department including birds has rushed to the defense of the airlines and the industry.

When will these sob's stop defending the indefensible and get on the path to improvement?

It's All In Your Head, Madam

Imagine how surprised I was to learn that "Doctors dismiss patients' concerns." NOT!

The article in today's Sun speaks mostly of the rotten side effects of statin drugs (Lipitor, Zocar)taken to lower cholesterol in heart patients.

I have had, let's see, a cardiologist, a G.P. and a stress test technician all tell me, in response to my complaints of muscle pain and other side effects, that I am "a very sensitive person with a vivid imagination."

While that reading of my lovely personality may bear some truth, it is amazing how they are all reading from the same script.

Does Big Pharma provide these crib notes along with the free samples and the golf excursions to the Caribbean?

Crooks and Liars » Craig’s Bathroom Bust Statement: “I am Not Gay!”

Crooks and Liars » Craig’s Bathroom Bust Statement: “I am Not Gay!”

Anti-Gay Senator Sex Hunting in Men's Washroom

God bless Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho.

Three times an elected Senator, first a Congressman, the Good Senator has an impeccable voting record consistently against any gay-friendly initiatives. Equal rights, adoptions, marriage, you name it, he's agin' it.

Then, oops, surpriserama, Larry is busted by an undercover cop for soliciting sex in a men's bathroom.

Only Larry David of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm could write stuff like this, and he didn't.

Read the sorry plight of the Republicans and other washroom scandals here.
Better yet, watch the above-linked video for the Good senator's full statement on CNN, which he begins with, "Thank you for coming out today." Clearly he is not sensitive to IRONY.
This will now rank alongside Clinton's, "I did not have sex with that woman," (Imagine how bad that made the millions of us who thought we had been the grateful recipienrts of oral sex to learn that nothing had happened!) and Nixon's "I am not a crook."