Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where We Are Going

Just in case you were wondering...

Diane Finley, posing these days as Human Resources Minister in the Harper Federal Government, has cleared the air.

"By no means are we getting back into the housing business."

Oh, that's nice.

Like we hadn't noticed, Di.

Let's get clear about a few things.

For a great many years, CMHC funded social housing in a wide variety of useful and creative ways.

Those days evaporated about 30 years ago.

Notice the rise in homelessness, did you?

There is no single bigger cause than this withdrawal of basic funding.

Now, the current administration has committed $5-billion over the next five years to provide shelter to the needy, and that is a good thing.

But then?

Perhaps I am not making myself clear on this issue.

I believe the federal Government has the crucial and central role in social housing. I believe we have a moral responsibility in this matter.

It is disgusting to me to hear an elected representative denounce this obligation from on high.

May her brother, aunt or neighbour never find himself in need.

Fact of the Day

Google's revenues surpass the revenues of the four major US TV networks combined...

and ALL of the advertising revenues of the entire US magazine industry.

Provinicial Priorities

In an excellent editorial yesterday, the Sun's Daphne Bramham, captures the way we ignore and disrespect our own history here in the greatest place on earth.

Writing about the dislocation of the BC Sports Hall of Fame, she points out the half a BILLION dollars that will go into the new roof at La Grande Mushroom vs. the $20 Million needed over the next few years to honor our best.

Read the piece and ask if we shouldn't rename this important and soon-to-be displaced institution The BC Hall of (Gordon Campbell) Shame.

By the way, the new Sea-to-Sky Highway gets considerable coverage in today's Globe. The road cost about one BILLION.

Apples and oranges?

Not really.

Think about it.

Lakewood, Through the Eyes of a Police Officer

"The murder of the four officers in Lakewood, Washington is no longer on the
front pages, but it has stayed with me". "It haunts me"!

Well David it haunts me as well. Every day.

That morning in Lakewood I lost 4 Members of my extended family. I wore an
R.C.M.P. Uniform for several years in the 90's. We are "Members" because
it is a family, and you can never really separate yourself from family. During my Training I was taught that "it is not YOU, it is the UNIFORM" that
some people will turn on. I was also taught, "when you are in UNIFORM, you
are a target".

Well David, no truer words have been spoken. I experienced that so many times, and the 4 Members in Lakewood experienced the ultimate example.

Back in the olden days, when I had hair, there was a group of our peers chanting the Mantra "question Authority"! I, and perhaps you, was taught in our formative years that if you wanted a slap or a grounding, just march into your parents kitchen and "question Authority"! You wouldn't like the response!

In light of that upbringing, I had a "problem" with the "Question Authority” crowd. However, in light of how "Authority" had run amuck, and acquired a lust for Power, by any means, I came to the conclusion that Authority should be held to account. I instilled this in our daughter, and my Son.

Being "held to account" first of all meant, that no matter the Authority figure, he/she
puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. NEVER be intimidated!

Secondly it meant to give respect, to get respect. This eliminated questioning Authority by spitting on them, threatening their families, chucking beer bottles at them, and other such idiotic actions.

I experienced those actions escalating David when I was in Uniform, from verbal
taunts, to spitting, to throwing rocks, bottles etc., to ground fighting, and now in our new Millennium, shooting Authority Figures in cold blood.

I Posted on your Blog this morning David, that "the Rules have changed". Back
in the day, the perps had a Code of their own. You didn't hit on women or children, you didn't steal from the Sally Ann, if and when you were detained you complied................ Not today.

As you alluded to the fact that if one doesn't feel safe in a Public place with Members present, when can we? It reminds me of the hand wringing and sobs that I see on the 6 o'clock News every night. Someone has been shot/raped/kidnapped, take your pick, and some lunatic is braying, "It's such a quiet neighbourhood, I can't believe it happened here"! Like bad guys have no access to "quiet neighbourhoods"? It's all I can do, to refrain from throwing the TV out the window, when EVERY night I hear this nonsense.

In the REAL world, I remember a fellow Member saying to me one evening, that if the good folks in our small rural Gulf Island Community knew what is out there at night,
"they wouldn't walk alone". My response is always, "yup, here's Breaking News, our
Ferry transports BAD GUYS too! Go figure David! But alas, many people don't or

Anyway, I won't bore you any longer David. I seem to have gotten off the Topic a
bit. I just really wanted to share with you, that "it haunts me", as well.