Wednesday, July 22, 2009


On Sunday, April 5, 2009, I posted an item in this space called, "TRIANGULATION."

It was about the frighteningly cosy relationship between Premier Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella and one David McLean. McLean is the CN Chairman and major fundraiser know...Gordon Campbell.

One of McLean's sons, whose greatest accomplishment is having a father named David, holds various important and well-paying jobs and is slated to be the next head of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

I encourage you to read my April musings and reflect on how inadequately Vancouver media is covering the most important political corruption story in this province in a very long time.

Except...except for our friend Bill Tieleman, who continues to blanket this hideous tale from stem to stern.

"If you cannot figure anything else out about the complicated Basi-Virk corruption case, understand just this -- during the May provincial election someone in the B.C. government ordered potentially critical email evidence destroyed."

Nobody does it better...

Tieleman has been sitting in on the Basi-Virk hearings and trial from the beginning.

You can also find the link to Bill's blog to the right of this posting under "Links."

Forget the fires in Kelowna and RV's parking at Jericho during That Sporting Event Next Year. Those are not the stories that should headline our dailies.

This is the one true story and if newspaper editors don't know that then their publishers should stop wondering about declining sales.