Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's in a Name? Only Blackmail.

The NDP can't lose in proposing that the new Canada Line stop at 49th and Cambie be named after the Punjabi market at 49th and Main St.

Even when Translink says, "No," the NDP has gone on record and thus secured their votes for the next election.

But this is a classic case of multi-cultural ethnic blackmail. Vote against our wants and you're a racist. Ha!

The new stop will be called Langara. You know why?

Because it should be.

The stop is immediately adjacent to Langara Estates. Langara Gold Course and Langara College.

Langara College will provide the largest and most consistent daily ridership on the Canada Line to that stop.

The Punjabi Market is not on the line. It is about 6 blocks away.

There is nothing to stop Transclunk from providing the obvious, practical solution of signage around the station pointing to the market.

But the attempt to rename the Langara stop for the market is a classic case of political correctness gone mad.

Strike Points

A few small points about the civic strike.

There are many among us who believe that private sector workers should have the right to strike, but public sector workers should not.

I don't agree with that position.

Strikes are never fun, often disruptive and potentially dangerous and violent. Who ever wants them?

But governments in Canada are now, regrettably, our biggest employers. Are we to deprive more than half of the work force the bargaining tool that others enjoy? What other means are available when management simply says, "No?" When you agree to work for a municipal, provincial or federal jurisdiction, must you be signing a deal with the devil? You can work here, but, above all, keep your nose clean and above all, shut up.

In spite of the fact that many believe we are sprinkled latte culture, we are not that far removed from the dark days of the 1930's. Unions and strike rights are still an important part of the working fabric.

Secondly...I add my voice to the chorus who have been appalled by the idiot mayor using words like "never" and "last offer." If the mayor could get his Olympic medal out of his ass long enough to do some serious thinking, he might realize that he is not a monarch, but an elected official and his responsibilities go somewhat beyond posturing.