Friday, January 15, 2010

Mystery Challenge of the Day

"We need to need to find out exactly what led to this child ingesting methadone."

One would laugh at this idiocy if it weren't so pathetic and tragic.

A 23-month old girl has died in a Nova Scotia hospital about a week after swallowing the synthetic narcotic methadone in her rural New Brunswick home.

Methadone is the deadly six-times-more-addictive-than-heroin drug used and misused and abused by doctors and pharmacists and city councils and ultimately heroin addicts.

These mistaken sorry folks believe, as children believe in Santa, that using methadone will somehow improve the life of a heroin addict.


I'm laughing and crying.

I've been laughing and crying at this monstrosity of perverted public thinking for 40 years now.

So how did that poor innocent child get hold of the poison that killed her?

I'll tell you how.

Her mother or father or more likely grandparent or court-assigned guardian is a heroin user/abuser.

The child's primary care giver is a dope fiend.

Calling people dope fiends these days is considered disrespectful.

Forget that that is what dope fiends call themselves and forget that dope fiends respect no one, least of all themselves, let alone, god protect them, their helpless children.

So the child's dope fiend primary care giver has whined and kvetched to his or her "case worker" that he or she can't quit using and abusing.

No prob.

We just happen to have handy this nifty supply of government sanctioned dope substitute.

We call it methadone.

(Psst...Secretly we believe that if these idiot users will just swallow this other drub, then they'll stop breaking into our homes and cars and stealing all our good stuff, like our blue tooth and blue ray and blue balls.)

(Of course, that really works.

'Cause the numbers of dope fiends breaking into our homes and cars has really bottomed out...NOT!)

The only thing is we're supposed to give out the methadone at a clinic or hospital or even at the local pharmacy, but sometimes the timing is not convenient, eh, or we're closed on the weekend, right, so like we just have to trust our dope fiend customers that they'll be like responsible with this shit when they take it home, ok?


Like that's going to happen.

Mystery solved.

Everyone in the chain is to blame.

The local government and provincial government and federal government who have sanctioned this horror show are to blame.

The doctors, nurse and pharmacists who play with this dynamite are to blame.

The addict is to blame.

The addict is a stoned junkie.

What's everyone else's excuse?

Who gets charged with murder?


The news that Wall Street has exceeded even its most outrageous past misdemeanours this year by handing out about $145 Billion in bonuses to its best crooks and shysters if old hat.

It fits neatly into the category or why dogs lick themselves...because they can.

First, Take. Then, Give Only politics could be this backwards

Perhaps this is an old political trick.

Or maybe it really is a case of a political team waking up (somewaht) to present realities.

In any case, B.C. Finance Minister has removed a bit of the HST sting today, announcing about $235 Million in relief rebates for schools and hospitals.

Hey, it's a start...

The Photos of Hawaiin Clark Little Speak for Themselves


Afternoon Blog

I must dash out of the house first thing this morning for two meetings.

Thus, I will post today's blog in the early afternoon.

Stay tuned...