Friday, August 21, 2009


1. Quote of the Day: "Family want to be able to see their loved ones." This is the lawyer for Kimberley Noyes, who has been charged with murdering a young boy in Grand Forks. Noyes is being held in Surrey and her lawyer is kvetching. And what about the family of John Fulton, who has been killed, allegedly by Ms. Noyes. No doubt they too would like to see their loved ones. You see, once you kill someone and get caught a whole bunch of really inconvenient things happen.

2. The Globe editorial writers felt it necessary today to tell us how wonderful the free heroin trials were. We spoke yesterday at length and in disgust about this topic in the post immediately below this. The truth about this pernicious evil is that there was nothing remotely scientific about this so-called study. The samples were uselessly small, the subjects were a mish-mash of wholly unrelated types and conclusions were drawn from the skimpiest of "evidence." But that's democracy for you: You pay your $12.50, you buy your popcorn, and get an opinion. The Globe editorialists are often bang-on. But on this subject they are flat ignorant. They don't know the territory, period.

3. The man who was convicted of killing 270 people in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 has been released by Scottish authorities and sent home to Libya because he has prostate cancer. So he dies in prison of prostate cancer? There's something wrong with that? People die in prison every day, some from prostate cancer. What has this got to do with Justice? You explode bombs on planes that kill 270 people, you can pretty much expect the occasional inconvenience, like dying in prison of prostate cancer. Compassion? Try, idiocy.