Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Put on My Make-up...

The B.C. government plans to spend $4.6 million to repair Robson Square's reflecting ponds in time for the 2010 Olympics.


Have you been anywhere near Robson Square in the last 10 years?

Planning to be there soon?

Is Robson Square at all on your radar?

The King Of Priorities strikes again.

The End of the SUV?

General Motors, Driven to the Brink

Now, there's a headline.

Not too long ago, the SUV was the biggest single profit centre a car company ever had.

It is now, thank god, toast.

"What is clear is that Detroit, among its other miscues in recent years, particularly overindulged its romance with S.U.V.’s, leaving it tethered to a product line that may prove to be the industry’s undoing."

Read the whole story here and then bless your Smart Car, scooter or 2-door hatchback and keep lobbying for real transit in Vancouver.

Who knows?

Maybe someday it will arrive.

McCain Jumps into the Microwave ... in a silver paper suit

Frank Rich of the NY Times has written a fascinating editorial this morning on the self-destruction of the McCain campaign.

He says, among other things, that "Republican leaders have no idea what “real America” is."

The piece is called "In Defense of White Americans," and it's definitely a good read.