Thursday, September 10, 2009


There was a rally at the Art gallery yesterday to support the arts and decry arts funding cuts by the current provincial government.

As rallies go, I can't say if this was a success or wonderful or mediocre. I don't attend rallies so I have no means of comparison.

I thought that too many of the speakers chosen were the wrong people and that they were too self-involved. I left after about ten minutes to do some art research of my own. Later in the day, I was told that the speakers got better as the even moved along.

Here's what I would say about the funding cuts to the arts:

1. Life without music is one long dental appointment.

2. Politicians and other officials believe at core that art is a frivolity, some added-on feature to life.

Wrong again, boys.

Since time began, right after roasting the mastodon on the fire, people have been painting on the cave walls, dancing round the flame and sitting and telling stories. Later, they wrote the stories the dirt, on a stone or a hide. Then, they got on to designing better caves.

Art is central to the human experience. It is everywhere. In the clothes we wear and the cars we drive.

It is not an add-on or a frivolity.

Right after air, food, water and social contact, there is art.

3. Which Mayor or Premier in the last 40 years have you ever seen at the opening night of the opera or the ballet or a play or the opening of an art gallery or exhibit?

Answer none.

I have been attending such silliness for 40 years and I have known all of these mayors and preems and I cannot recall on one occasion seeing one of them.

Last year, I ran into Gordon Campbell at the Fifth Avenue when he was seeing Slumdog Millionaire. Whoo-ee.

If our so-called Leaders show no interest in The Arts, why should we be surprised that there is no money.

You want money? Get those neanderthals out of their box seats at the Canucks brawl and introduce them to something with real kick.

President Obama

Here are a few of the things President Obama had to say last night in his address to Congress about Health Care.

Referring to a woman with breast cancer who was denied help because she forgot to declare that she had a "pre-existing condition" - to wit, acne,

"That is heart-breaking, it is wrong and it shouldn't happen in the United States of America."

"Now is the season for action. Now is the time to deliver health care."

"In the USA, no one should go broke because they get sick."

"It is time to give every American what we (in government) give ourselves."

His speech was, as usual, powerful and inspirational.

At the end, he spoke of the American Character.

To witness the pettiness of the scowling,laughing derisive Republicans was sad and disgusting.

Getting Serious...a little late

Roger Walsh has been given a life sentence to prison. He is 57.

He is a multiple repeat dangerous drunk driver.

When he killed a woman who was in her wheelchair and celebrating her birthday by getting some fresh air with her dog beside her, Walsh was given his 19th drunk-driving conviction.

As the Globe editorial clearly and correctly argues, the crime is that this horrible fool was allowed to be on the streets for years when all of the evidence screamed otherwise.

We need many more such convictions and sentences and we need them much earlier and more often.

I don't care if the prisons are filled with these sick bastards. Better there than on my street.


Bill Good is being given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Websters this year.