Friday, April 4, 2008

Quote of the Day

A senior doctor ot Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster has said the they are in crisis mode due to shotages of resources.

But Health Minister and Chairman of the Rose-Colored Glasses Committee, George Abbott&Costello says...


Later, at lunch when asked how the lamb was, he repeated, "NOT BAAAAAAAD...."

Les is Becoming Way More with every passing Day

To fully appreciate the complexities and near-nicities of the John Les melodrama, you must read the first-rate coverage by the Sun's team in today's paper.

Suffice it to say that a number of farm properties were subdivided and re-sold as private residential properties under Les' watch, and the stink is palpable.

Simple question:

If and when you are an elected official a government, should you not be suspending all business transactions that could in any way be under the eye of the very body to which you have been elected?

Duh? You think?

One Man's Freedom's are....

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Doug Christie, the Victoria lawyer who has made a career of defending neo-Nazis and other well-meaning dears (Zundel, Seifert, Keegstra), has been found guilty of misconduct and fined by the usually moribund Law Society of BC.

Of course, Mr, Christie has always claimed - and so many righteous people support this farce - that he is defending free speech.

That assertion probably has an ounce or two of mini-truth in it.

But, hey, why not a little Jew hating while we're at it.

Van Dongen to the Rescue

John van Dongen has been making a favorable impression as our new 3-day Solicitor-General.

With respect to ICBC, he has called for a meeting with the full bard of directors. He has hinted that there may be a look at the corporation's shenanigans by the RCMP.

Perhaps Wally On-theSidelines could take a lesson.

Annie Lennox- Why

why, indeed?

Martin Luther King Junior's Historic Last Speech

40 years ago today, Dr. KIng was murdered. So soon after, Robert Kennedy was murdered. What a time. What great loss.