Monday, August 27, 2007

Victor Goes to the Heart of the Wedding Tragedy

The heart breaks to learn that 6 innocent people, walking down a dark country road, at midnight, are killed by an old man in a pickup truck.

As insensitive as this might be, could we take a moment to visit this multicultural moment?

The driver.

He is a 71 year old Sikh. He had just finished his shift at 11 pm ,in an undefined agricultural business.

Hello? 71 years old. Driving a 30 year old pickup truck over dark country roads. After work? At 11 pm?

The victims.

They were walking along a dark country road, at 11 pm engaged in an age old Punjabi tradition. Walking in the dark from house to house to herald a new marriage.


You can do that between villages in the Punjab.

You can't do that in the fastest growing city in Canada, ( Surrey).

Nobody prepares these unfortunate people to come to Canada. The only validation is to get on a bus once they arrive, and vote Liberal, as directed by their (priest, Iman etc.).

Immigration in Canada is the new slavery. Here is the charter.

In return for a mindless block vote, we will open a consulate in your primitive village. We will entice people here for no better purpose than to surrender their names to a political leadership race they do not understand. Once they arrive, they can pick blueberries until summoned to a nomination meeting. Then they can crowd into a mini-van and die.

Isn't Canada wonderful?

Roving Correspondent, Elizabeth James, with Another News Flash


CALL TO ACTION - Tuesday August 28th - 11 to Noon - Cambie at 18th

"Cambie Village supports compensation to Musqueam Band, and further claims
its own permanent loss of revenue due to Canada Line construction through
its business lands in Cambie Village"

The traditional shopping grounds of the Cambie Village have had their access denied by the RAV/Canada Line Canyon running right through their village. In many announcements by the project, the members were assured that the project would go forward in a very different and much less damaging way. Villagers were told that disruption to their livelihoods would be short term, and that the impacts of this construction to their way of life would be mitigated.

"Not so", says Village member, Don Watters who represents 22 families.

"Access has been denied, and this has resulted in a permanent loss of revenue for many in the Cambie Village who have been forced to move, or who have lost everything already as a result of the negligence and misrepresentation from the project. Their prosperity as well as their property has been expropriated."

Cambie Village member Susan Heyes says "This was a plentiful shopping area for years. I have seen my numbers increasing ever since I moved here. Now, with no consultation, we feel that the project has not negotiated in good faith. With this radical change in the project, the shoppers have dwindled to the point where our way of life here is no longer sustainable."

Village elders are calling on the government to immediately adopt a Seattle-style treaty which clearly compensates Seattle members for hardship and loss related to a similar government project through their lands.

The Cambie Village Community will be holding a "CALL TO ACTION" - Tuesday, August 28th - 11AM to NOON on the corner of Cambie at 18th Ave (west side).

Come out and show your support for justice and compensation for all community members.


These two stories just in:

1) Michael Vick, Dog Drowner and Dog Executioner, has found Jesus.

Praise the Lord and pass the jumper cables.

Former Atlanta mayor, and friend of Martin Luther King, Jr. has become Michael's personal guide.

2) Corrupt, completely political, and utterly ineffectual Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, has resigned.

His boss, President George Bush, has said that the honorable Mr. Gonzales was "dragged through the mud for political reasons."

Remember what Will Shakespeare had to say about honorable men (Julius Caesar.)

Kill 6 People. Go Home. This is the Law?

It is quite clear to me that I don't understand the law.

A man runs down and kills 6 people. he injures 17 others. I don't even understand the laws of physics in this case. How did he do that?

In any event, he did. And the police have let him go and are not sure if they will press charges.

They say drugs and alcohol were not involved, but speeding was.

Isn't speeding against the law? Isn't killing 6 people against the law?

Changing the Law is Simple & Stupid & Ill-Advised

A UBC law student has written a terrific editorial on the Sun's Op Ed page this morning.

She not only argues that prostitution laws are not the problem - prostitution is the problem - but she provides compelling evidence that legalizing drugs and prostitution in other jurisdictions (Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden) has only increased illegal activities.

Everybody is always looking for that Big Simple Sweeping Act that will change everything. Legalize Drugs. Legalize prostitution.

These are always the worst of armchair quarterbacking and wishful thinking. These are ideas not worthy of the name, lazy and uninformed.

The devil is in the details.

First, understand the mechanics of addictions. Then, realize that health and sanity come through hard work.

From the Mouths of Babes

With rare exception, actors should never be asked their opinion about things that really matter.

Case in point: American movie actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has discovered, through her meticulous research for a new movie, that...wait for it, it's a revelation, a shocker...that there is (gasp) racism in America!

No! Come On!

Maggie says she was stunned by this revelation. Or maybe she is just stunned.

Well, thank out lucky stars and stripes, we've got Maggie to keep us informed.