Friday, October 10, 2014


Brad Pitt has released a new movie. It's called "Fury," and its about an American tank outfit fighting the Nazis towards the end of the Second World War in April 1945.

Apparently, movie producers, writers, actors and promoters have a more finely tuned sense of the body politic than our own elected officials and many of our fat, lazy entitled citizens.

What exactly do folks think ISIS and ISIL are?

They are the Nazis of our time - lunatic, murderous, completely delusional. Their soldiers are lost young men from all over the world who are looking desperately for a cause and purpose. Carrying an AK-47 and a Bowie knife and destroying men, women, children and entire communities makes them feel strong and powerful, when in fact they are pathetic.

The world community - if in fact there is such a thing - should rightly be united in a war of eradication.

It was fascinating to watch FDR quietly, shrewdly and with determination set the stage for removing America from its hopeless position of isolation during the first years of WWII. The tragic dark 'gift' of Pearl Harbor finally propelled the U.S. into the war, after FDR had spent the better part of a year and a half communicating discreetly with Churchill almost every day.

Now, Canada is set to do its small but important part in ridding the world of the current evil.

That doesn't sit well the esteemed leaders of the federal Liberal and NDP parties. What do they suggest? We sit by as neutrals and watch as the cancer spreads?

Do they have no sense of history?

Some fool writes in today;s Letters to the Editor that we are kind hearted people and generous and peace loving and caring and that we should send blankets. He also blames the Americans for the world's current troubles.

Nobody wants war.

But the terrorists are here, there and everywhere and they are a clear and eminent danger of the highest order.

Have fun on the sidelines, sipping on your lattes, boys.