Thursday, June 19, 2008

Robertson Leaves Legislature


June 19, 2008



VANCOUVER – Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson announced
today that he is resigning as the MLA for Vancouver Fairview, effective
July 15th.

“I have taken a couple of days to consider the situation after an amazing
nomination vote on last Sunday. I have decided that all of my energy must
be focused on reaching out to all of the citizens of Vancouver, and
gaining their input, insight, and support for my Mayoral bid, and the
Vision Vancouver campaign.”

Robertson says that the July 15th date will allow him to close existing
files, and create an orderly transition.

We Almost Like You

It must have been awfully difficult for the editors at the Sun to admit that Carole James is on track with her Axe the Tax campaign.

So difficult they had to add "Despite its Opportunism" to their headline of almost approval.

I hope the editors will be able to keep down their lunches today.

Excuse me, Sir, but could you be a crook or something?

Police Chief Chu wants a "30 strikes and your out" policy for chronic offenders.

Only in the WimpLand we call Canada could such a proposal be considered.

What about 5 offenses? Wouldn't that be enough to suggest we have a chronic offender on our hands and that we don;t want this person in our community for a while?

Not in Pleasantville.

Cat's Away

The arrogant fools at Richmond City Hall, who decided to build the Skating Oval without any public consultation and entirely behind closed doors, yes, those fools, are now trying to persuade the citizens who pay their salaries that they, the citizens, should change their daily habits during the Olympics and walk or ride bikes so that the Olympic geeks, journalists and others can get to work.

In short, the Olympic madness will completely throw Richmond into a tizzy of unmanageability.

To make matters worse, police officers in Richmond will have no days off, no courses, no leaves and no court appearances.

Translation: criminal justice will come to a complete standstill so that Gordon Campbell and mayor Brodie and others can fulfill their wet dream.

If I were a criminal, I would be setting my sights on Richmond during this party.