Friday, April 3, 2009

Be Scared, Really Scared

Federal Transport Minister John Baird and Liberal Senator Colin Kenny did something unusual the other day.

They decided to behave like interested responsible citizens.

Fearing the worst about lax security at Canada's largest and most expensive airport, Pearson International, they wandered through an unlocked doorway somewhere around the back end of things and strolled right onto the tarmac.

Four plain clothed RCMP officers accompanied them. These officers are now being suspended and many are shrieking in their highest voices at the two politicians for being reckless and "stunt-driven."

All of those reactions are, of course, way beyond the point and the pale.

The real issue is that you and I must take off our Clarks and reveal to the world our favorite brand of Aquafresh and aftershave and not buy (the latest environmental devil) bottled water, while crazy people could simply walk through unguarded side doors to terror.

If this is the case at Pearson, what about YVR and every other airport in the nation?

YVR, of course, is an exception. In this case, one need only be concerned if one is suddenly seized by the irrational urge to staple something.

We have - do we not? - the world's longest, largest, coldest, iciest coastline. And exactly how guarded is that? Last we looked the so-called Coast Guard couldn't put out a barbie fire on the back deck of an Evinrude runabout if lives depended.

The Minister and the Senator have done us a solid. They have dramatically pointed out a gaping inadequacy that needs fixing.

Thank goodness we are such a placid, harmless lot. The maniacs who live to strap bombs to their bellies don't often think Canadian.

But they will in time.

And who will stop them?