Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Further Thoughts on AntiSemitism

Walter has left a comment on my post about anti-semitism in the Laurentians outside of Montreal.

He refers to an article by Barbara Kay, published yesterday in the National Post, on this very subject. In the article, Ms. Kay talks about Hasidic Jews not being good "mixers," as if this were the very stuff of civilized behaviour.

Well, first I encourage you to read the article. And when you've done that, consider this.

Ms. Kay is, in my opinion the very worst kind of apologist. She is a conservative, modern Jew who is uncomfortable with women and men who will not shake her hand, women and men and children whose lifestyle is a degree or two different from her own. She distinguishes between what she calls "mainstream" Jews (that is, Jews who don't make trouble by wearing funny clothes and walking a lot) and what she outrageously, egregiously calls "cult" Jews. She somehow doesn't see the mortal ironies in her position of appeasement.

The most telling sentence in her essay is this one:

"...many Quebecois are still anti-Semitic, a few hatefully so."


You mean there is an approved, acceptable kind of anti-Semitism that is not hateful?

Here is the shaky ground on which this classic middle-class desperate-to-belong striver stands. Her position is exactly akin to the "discreet" homosexual who loudly separates himself at every opportunity from Gay Pride Parades, drag queens and gay political groups.

There are many kinds of gays, catholics, Jews, bongo players and fire fighters. For one sub-group to discredit another is self-destructive.

A know far too many Barbra Kay's. I don't spend much time with them. When the bullets start flying, you never know if they'll still be in the trench with you.