Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad Judges Deserve The Boot

The Vancouver Sun has done us all an immense favor. They have researched and printed the dreadful track record of Justice Ellen Gordon. (The foto, right, is of June Matheson, the crazy tree poisoner.)

This is the local judge who allowed a coke smuggler to walk the other day because she felt the border guards had violated the creep's Charter Rights.

Here are some of her other brilliant conclusions:

A pot grower acquitted because the cops didn't appear in person to get a search warrant from a judge.

She gave a 2 year sentence to a woman so drunk she entered an exit ramp and killed another driver. The appeals court doubled the sentence.

She gave a teen who attacked a man with a knife one year probation and some "community service."

She gave a absolute discharge to June Matheson, the selfish pig who killed trees in Stanley Park so she could have a better view from her condo.

How do we rid ourselves of bad judges?

At present there seems to be no such process available.

Shouldn't this be built into our laws? Shouldn't we protect ourselves from bad judges as much as bad criminals?

This judge has violated all our Charter Rights with her utterly inappropriate decisions. Her decisions are a clear and present danger to the common weal.

Cheema Has Played Immigration, Parole & the Police Masterfully

Paul Cheema pointed a gun at the head of his potential mother-in-law and pulled the trigger "three or more times."

The gun jammed.

The nut cases who run the nut house gave Cheema a parole saying that "he had taken all the recommended course."

The parole board said that Cheema had made progress on his behaviour while on day parole. "You continue to demonstrate progress and have been able to deal with the additional pressure in a positive manner," said these geniuses in 1997.


Now that he's probably killed his latest bride, will the Parole Board be held responsible for their outrageously bad read?

Cheema was also ordered deported to the United Kingdom because of his convictions in Canada.

Of course, that never happened.

Now that he's probably killed his latest bride, will Citizenship and Immigration be held responsible for not carrying our their own mandate?

Now he has invoked "his Charter rights not to talk to investigators." Thus he walks free.

We cannot legislate lunacy out of our systems. But we can certainly behave with common sense in response to it. Isn't that what responsibility means? The ability to respond?

Not in Canada.

Drunk Driving Councillor Won't Quit

Tim Stephenson is a Vancouver City Councillor. He was a Liberal cabinet Minister in the Provicnial government. His biography confirms that he is also an ordained Minister of the Church.

He has now admitted to a drunk driving charge dating back to last May, for which he was fined $690 and had his driver's license suspended for a year.

He has called this "a huge wake up call."

Not huge enough, apparently.

Stephenson adds that this was a "judgement call," not a drinking problem and that he continues to drink socially.

Anyone who knows the first thing about drunks and drinking knows the infinite ability of the addicted to rationalize.

Stephenson says he will also not step down from his elected seat in city government.

Now, this is a man of the cloth, a man of deep conviction.

I am sorry to tell you, Tim, that 18-year olds can be forgiven this dangerous idiocy once.

But grown-ups???

Please do the honorable thing. Resign. And head straight to a 12-step program. You and those around you are in mortal danger.
We have been saying for some time now that this is the worst City Council in living memory.
More proof.