Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clinton & McCain the NY Times Choices

The New York Times editorial board has named Hillary Clinton and John McCain as their choices for the Democartic and Republican candidacies.

Their arguments are persuasive.

The Clinton editorial is here, and the McCain piece here.

Victoria Police Investigations

BC'c police complaint commisioner will investigate 2 cases involving the Victoria police. One of these cases, we discussed here yesterday.

Ryneveld is right to begin these investigations.

We weren't there and we don't know exactly how things went.

Several people have disagreed with me about the case of the 15-yearold girl, and that's great, because engaement and dialogue is what this blog is about.

I stick to my position that the girl in that case may have been way more than a small nuisance and that restraint is sometimes necessary.

Did those cops go over the top?

I don't know.

Where are the Six-fingered schools?

Toronto is considering "Africentric" schools for black kids.

That's to go along with the gay school and First nations schools.

Where are the fat schools, the left-handed, tall Asian schools and the determined-to-be-a-seamstress schools?

I had lunch yesterday with a man from Ghana.

He is black.

He got a BA in Akra and an MA in Atlanta, Georgia.

He teaches people who to be successful entrepreneurs. The people he teaches are black, white, yellow, green and purple. They are slim and round and short and high and high.

Toronto, Board of Ed....give your head a shake.

Stop me...I'm talking again...

The BC government is considering banning cell phones form young drivers. Hm?

The most dangerous nut jobs I've encountered - make that, I encounter every day - are middle-aged "nice" people. Women shopping, men arm steering their Exploders through Safeway lots of warp speed while jammering on their fones.

I talk occasionally on my cell while driving, and I always know that I am wrong, that I shouldn't and that I am a lesser driver when I do.

The truth is I'm not involved in saving the world's financial markets, so nothing I have to say is that important it couldn't wait until I get to home or to my office or to a parking space.

Rap Sheet - Our Weekly Crime Round-Up

1. Reyat will plead guilty of perjury.

O.K. And then? Will he be given an extra 5 or 10 years of prison for killing 331 people?

Will he reveal the truth about the other bombers? Is there anything this man can say that can be believed?

2. The career gangster was "a loving person." Of course. And so was Don Corleone and Tony Soprano. We are complex. Whitman said it best. "I am large. I contain multitudes." But was he really thinking of his neighbourhood bling-boasting, gun-toting drug lord at the time?

3. The unnamed teen who attacked Michael Levy with a hatchet - thus leaving the young victim to a life of misery - may have his case raise to adult court. Please. You're old enough to drive and kill for your country. You're old enough to do the time for the crime.

4. 99 ski resort operators in BC, Alberta and Ontario have agreed that they won't charge "out-of-bounders" for rescue costs. "We don't want anyone to feel they shouldn't call us because they can't afford a rescue."

This is precisely why they SHOULD charge these fools. Are you telling me that, dying of hypothermia in the snow and the dark, you're going to hesitate to call for help? I don't think so.

Obama asked if Bill Clinton was the first black president