Thursday, November 15, 2007

RCMP Taser Video & Condemnation

Our friend Robert Werner has written a powerful scathing indictment of the RCMP taser action at YVR. His blog post, shown here, includes the Video of the hideous event. Please watch.

Bonds Indicted

The morning after our LANGARA DIALOGUES public debate about sports & drugs. Barry Bonds has been charged with perjury in a doping case.

Here's the full story from the NY Times late edition.
The photograh was electronically manipulated to fit in his hat.

RCMP Continues Its Dreadul Slide

Understatement of the Year:

The video of Robert Dziekanksi's death "shows the RCMP in a bad light."

How about Bullies & Thugs?

The officers who perpetrated this monstrosity at YVR did so for the same reason a dog licks itself -because it can.

The once honorable force is in deep trouble, top to bottom. It needs a serious overhaul as soon as possible.

$tealing from the Public Pur$e Deserves Another Chance

Two local pharmacies - let's call them Drug Stores - have been found guilty of overcharging Pharmacare hundreds of thousands of dollars on methadone prescriptions.

Leave out of the discussion for the moment how useless and destructive methadone is and think only about these pigs stealing from the taxpayers' pool of money that should be buying legitimate medicines for the elderly.

So the courts in their endless wisdom have decided that the decision to cut these crooks off at the knees was made too hastily. The poor babies - proven crooks - deserve another chance to over bill us all.

Is there anybody who is not rightly furious with and frustrated by the courts today?

Is there anybody in the courts with an ounce of wisdom?


Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth is

President Bush vetoed a $606 billion spending bill Tuesday that would have funded education, health and labor programs for the current fiscal year, complaining that it was larded with pork and too expensive as he took aim at a top priority of the new Democratic Congress.

At the same time, the president signed a $471 billion Defense Department spending bill that funds regular Pentagon operations other than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.