Monday, January 31, 2011


Royal City Musical Theatre Presents “A Night of Twisted Broadway” on February 19th, 2011!

“A Night of Twisted Broadway” is back – on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at 7:30pm!

Our annual fundraising gala this year is “A Night of Twisted Broadway”, a cabaret revue that spoofs show tunes, characters and plots of contemporary and current Broadway musicals. It mocks and parodies some of your favourite tunes with a hilarious spoof on three great Broadway choreographers – Fosse, Prince, and Bennett. Original conception, direction and choreography by RCMT Artistic Director Valerie Easton and features 18 local musical performers. The evening will include a silent auction, 50/50 draw, and great entertainment! Tickets for our fantastic upcoming production of “The Will Rogers Follies” will be available for purchase. Hosted by Shaw Television host David Berner.

Tickets are $35.00 and are available by phone 604-521-5050 or by ordering securely online at

Buyers of tickets in December will have their tickets honoured for February 19th.

Buy early for best seats and see you on February 19th!



So asks the headline of a full one-page ad (page A8) in today's Sun.

The answer to this questionable question is supported by the signatures of about a hundred CEO's of local companies, and other luminaries.

The punchline is Kevin Falcon.

Mr. Falcon is apparently the best person to "manage" BC.

And doesn't that little verb, therein, tell us so much about the leadership deficit we face these days.

Mr. Falcon is smart and energetic.

He is also a bull in a china shop, a peson who sees all of a life as a profit-and-loss sheet, and, like all the other candidates in this wishy-washiest candidate contest, yet to tell us what he wants or sees for this province.

He has no vision.

And his supporters don't expect any.

All they ask for is a good manager.

Yawn, goodnight.

If you thought Gordon Campbell or Glen Clark or any other Premier you can think of was a tad autocratic, whoa...stand back, kids, and prepare for the Iron Fist of KF. My way or the Triple P Highway Kev.

Are all these Vancouver CEO's as simple minded and ignorant of history as the Tea Party folks south of the border who think Obama is a (yech) "socialist?"


Continued and hearty kudos to Sun editorial writer Daphne Bramham, who has been relentless in her condemnation of the Bountiful polygamists.

As she has chronicled repeatedly, this "community" is the poster child for "religions" shielding detestable and illegal activities.

What is most disturbing is how often this issue has come before the office of the provincial Attorney-General, and how often shoulders were shrugged, excuses and apologies offered.

In today's column, Daphne calls once again for some official action.