Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apology # 463

My main computer has been in and out of the repair shop for one week now.

I'll get it back in some shape or other later today.

I am sorry that email delivery of the blog has ben disrupted, but such is life in Cyber Land.

Hope to be back on track as of tomorrow morning.


Oh yes...he's sorry too.

The Dead Baby Merry-Go-Round

Last year a dead baby was found in a plastic bag at the side of the house.

That sickening discovery was made only because a neighbour reported it.

What, if anything, happened to the woman who gave birth to this child?

We don't know.

No one will tell us.

All we now know is that the same "mother" is under investigation for the murder of a second child.- a child who has "disappeared."

I am not so concerned about this woman.

She is a scary nut case and such people exist in small numbers in every community.

What I am concerned about - apart from murdered babies - is what have we, the community, the police, the courts, the social workers, what have we been doing in response to any of this?

A woman is found somehow responsible for a baby corpse found in a plastic bag at the side of the house...and a year later, she's still in that house and still manufacturing babies to be abandoned or worse???

This woman may be terribly sick.

But our response to her and her behaviour is equally deranged.

Police have reported that the woman is "getting the care that she needs."

What does that mean exactly?

Does that "care" include keeping her away from babies and seriously limiting her reproductive possibilities?

I am much too simple for the modern world.

I see 'woman throws baby out like trash,' I conclude 'woman is not allowed to stay in my neighbourhood and make more babies.'

I've got her committed to some loony bin or other, not shopping for soy milk at the local Safeway.

This, of course, would explain why I am not a judge or a social worker.

I just lack the subtlety.

As of this morning we don't know where this crazy person is or where her latest dead baby is.