Friday, March 9, 2007

Annie Lennox Every Time We Say Goodbye

How about one of the great modern singers delivering one of Cole Porter's great, sad masterpieces?!

"Why the god's above me, who must be in the know.."

Who is Writing lyrics like this?

"There is no love song finer, but how strange the change from major to minor..." WOW!

Justice Tilting Again

Justice is portrayed by a statue of a woman holding a set of balances. She is blindfolded, is she not?

Well... at least in this painting by Giordano, we can see she has a lot on her hands. Let's hope she had a healthy and nutritious breakfast recommended by Health Canada, or Food Canada, or Brekkie Canada.

But, I wander...

Here in British Columbia, Lady Justice is beaten about the head and shoulders with marvelous and consistent regularity. So much so, that your average guygal on the street, doesn't believe we actually have any justice.

And little wonder.

Compare 2 recent cases.

There's the 10-month sentence for professional objector Betty Krawczyk. And there's the no sentence at all for 2 creepy guys who stole over $1Million from CIBC bank. One of the guys happens to be related by marriage to the Premier.

It doesn't matter that Betty is a granny and that she's a woman. This is a clear case of the court having a temper tantrum, when all they had to do was charge her with trespassing. Forget that she is a personal hero of mine. Forget that there are thousands like me who delight in her refusals to go along with the crowd. Forget that many of us insist on seeing Betty as the poster girl for Thoreau and civil disobedience. She has no business being sent to jail, period.

Then there are Mr. Walls and Mr. Millard of Prince George fame who were busy pulling one of the oldest and most tired con games in the books - kiting bad cheques from one account to another to keep a failing enterprise afloat. These clowns are right out of "Fargo." You can almost hear them whining like Jerry Lundegaard (William Macy in the movie), "Hey, I'm cooperatin' here!"

But watch them dance down the highway now, clicking there little heels together, all rehabilitated magically by the apparent shame they've been feeling of late.

Happy ending, no?



That's the number of police officers now in training in Austria to prepare for the soccer lunatics who will emerge in full drunken revelry for the Euro 2008 tournament.


Thank god, we'll all be safe from the threat of 11-year old girls in head scarves!