Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

My neighbours are idiots.

Showing no progress, no understanding and huge short term memory loss, they elected another Liberal yesterday in Quadra.

Can anybody in Point Grey say, "Sponsorship scandal?"

Does nobody recall the outrageous corruption of the Chretien years and the fumbling ineptitude of the Martin Moment?

Apparently not.

Just hang onto the old status quo, you sleepy fools.

May your taxes rise and your services decline.

BCTF - One of the Great Rogue Orgs in Town

Oh, look. The BCTF is fighting the government again. What a surprise.

And, look. It's about performing tests that are a part of their job as teachers.

And, imagine, they are so dedicated to their work with children that they will stop teaching just to bare their snarly teeth.

No doubt they are all cheering on the Olympics, where people compete ferociously with one another.

But go forbid their students should face the dreadful stress of competition.

Or even more to the point, forbid that anyone outside of themselves should judge the teachers' performances, as the rest of us are judged by a thousand methods in our work every day.

It's no wonders many teachers are embarrassed by their own union.

Call it The Dobell Act

Applause to the provincial NDP for proposing a bill to limit the lobbyists.

This may have no chance of being passed, but it is a good piece of legislation nevertheless.

The NDP's private member's bill proposes:

- That former ministers, senior political aides and deputy ministers like Dobell be banned from lobbying government for two years after they leave government.
- That anyone convicted of violating the lobbyist law face a lobbying ban of up to two years.
- That public officials disclose all contacts with lobbyists.
- That the lobbyist registrar be given expanded powers to conduct investigations.
- That deputy ministers, like cabinet ministers, be prohibited from accepting a contract or benefit from government for two years after departing.

No doubt Premier Transparency will make sure this doesn't see the light of day.

This is so great I can't stand it.....

Joan Baez

Holocaust Ban Correction

Snopes. com reports that the "UK schools ban Holocaust studies" is a story that has been going around in various forms for several years now, and that the truth is that one school made such a ban, not the entire system.

Read this update, sent from a friend, here.