Thursday, May 3, 2007

One Big Rant

ITEM: "Rape Victim Sues Mountie." Good. And may all the families of those murdered and raped by dangerous, psychopathic parolees sue the psychiatrists and Parole Board members who released these ticking bombs into the community. And may all the families of the Air India atrocity sure the RCMP. CSIS and the government of Canada.

ITEM: "Fraser Health Authority Faces Hospital Staff Revolt." The CEO of this costly, unnecessary bureaucracy sent a letter to all the employees and doctors, which begins, "We have outlined to our executive directors, medical directors and directors a number of strategies...etc" This is asking everyone to tighten their belts.

But the good CEO doesn't see the irony and dark humour in his own missive. One of the very reasons they are deep, deep doodoo is that they have a top-heavy tepee filled with expensive chiefs. The directors of the directors of the directors, all happily in six figures.

My own doctor tells me this morning that current buzz-words being used to hide the DISASTER are phrases like, "flex beds," (translation: a gurney in the hall) and "bed mapping," (translation: We're still trying to find a bed. How about Bellingham or Calgary?)

Langley Hospital will cut out the Langley Maternity Clinic.

And you wonder why we have to depend on immigration to grow the country.

ITEM: Restaurants close on Cambie Street due to Canada Line construction. Did it ever occur to the so-called planners to compensate these small businesses for loss of business? In many cases now, loss of business means, BYE, BYE, END OF STORY. Why not sue Transclunk and the Province?

ITEM: "Green Party Leader Sorry for Nazi Reference." No. Sorry, Liz. Your so-called apology includes another swipe at the Prime Minister. I love when people apologize but strike out at others in the next breath. yah, that's very believable, very sincere, extremely heartfelt.

Bernie Farber, the CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said that he was impressed by May's sincerity. I guess Bernie is easily impressed. Bernie, get smarter than this. Elizabeth, get outta here.

But aside from all that, it's a wonderful life and a wonderful day.

Elvis Costello - Shipbuilding Live

Is it Jazz? Is it Rock? Is it American Idol? No, it's our generation's Elvis, and it's damn good...