Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Senator Larry Craig may not resign.

What a putz!

Better yet, what a little teenage girl, having a snivel fest in the corner of the party.
Boo fucking hoo...

Canada Line Continues to Snub Merchants

Letters to the Editor, Vancouver Sun:

I wish to express my disbelief at the pronouncement of Alan Dever, Vice-President, Government and Community Relations of the Canada Line, who through the media has said categorically that there is no precedent for offering compensation for lost business due to disruptions caused by large-scale projects, so there will be none forthcoming.

It was the gleeful tone in his voice that I found to be totally inappropriate in the circumstances. That someone in a safe, high paying job could be so unfeeling towards small-business entrepreneurs who are losing not only their livelihoods, but in some cases their homes is disgusting beyond belief; but on the other hand, so is the attitude of all cabinet ministers from the premier on down, especially Minister Falcon, who must have ice in his veins.

Mr. Dever and his CEO Jane Bird need to be reminded that there is no precedent for such a large-scale project which has affected so many small businesses. It is obvious that the people responsible for the much smaller, less disruptive project in the Seattle area have a concern for the small businesses along the line which is totally lacking here. It is not often that one looks to the United States for a more humane approach to a situation such as this, but they are far more ahead in this instance.

Reading the inane public relations speak on the Canada Line web site there is everything except an acknowledgement that the Liberal Cabinet and Canada Line executives have made a total miscalculation on the impact of this project. These P.R. pronouncements include: OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU; GOOD NEIGHBOURS; PUBLIC CONSULTATION; MINIMUM INCONVENIENCE and lastly, the insulting and, in the circumstances, misplaced JIM’S CONSTRUCTION DIARY.

In closing I can only say to Mr. Campbell and members of Cabinet, also to Ms. Bird and her executive, you have made me feel ashamed to be Canadian - the country that the Hon. Sheila Copps, in a fit of hyperbol√™ once proclaimed to be “the fairest country in the world!”

If only it were so.

In disgust,Ray Eagle

Copies to the Hons. Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon, Carole Taylor,Gregor Robertson, M.L.A.; the Mayor and Council, City of Vancouver

Here is a Good Citizen

Congratulations to John Young, who continues to be my working class hero.

Young is the Victoria school trustee and former principal who has twice sued the Education Ministry ("The name is Bond. Shirley Bond.") for charging kids and their parents fees for school course and supplies. Twice he has succeeded.

He vows to continue his fight to maintain our public schools fair and democratic when it comes to financing.

He should be given a Citizenship Award.

When it Comes to Pharmacy News, Follow the Money

The headlines fairly shrieks "Bipolar Illness Soars as a Diagnosis for the Young."

What does this NY Times story, in fact, reveal?

That more kids are "bipolar?"

That more kids are being better diagnosed?

No, of course not.

It reveals, as it often doesm that more parents, doctors and psychiatrists are falling for the ad campaigns of BIG PHARMA.

This is a detestable, legal drug push.

And it goes on every day in every country in every doctor's office.

The Sun reports with a straight face that "Ritalin Eyed as a Weight-Loss Medication."

With enormous billion dollar profits from selling Ritalin to the parents of kids - mostly boys - who would rather believe that their brats are Attention Deficit Disordered instead of out-of-control brat-monsters, the drug companies are now planting the seed that all the dieting people of the world can take their magic bullet and slim down.

There's one born every minute.