Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Fred and Alex Kreklau have been married for 60 years. They are devoted to each other.

Now, the compassionate geniuses at British Columbia's Interior Health Authority have separated this loving couple. The official story is that there is "No Room at the Inn." The mandarins claim they cannot find an accomodation for the two elderly people in one tiny suite in the care homes to which they have now been sent.

This is pathetic bullshit.

It demonstrates the cruelty and incompetence that makes one question the country and time in which we are living.

To make matters worse, this is an exact repeat of an identical situation that took place right here in B.C. 2 years ago. After the media rose an unholy stink about that circumstance, the premier intervened and promised this would never happen again.


We cannot find a double bed or a set of twin beds for an elderly couple, but you can bet your ski boots that every perk and luxury will be on full display for the Olympics.

Write your MLA and your Premier. Demand a better British Columbia.