Thursday, January 25, 2007


If Barry Gilpin of Cheapskates fame were actually making a fortune receiving stolen goods - which he is NOT - then he would have to tell City Hall that he is a card-carrying member of the Fencers' Union, or as it is colloquially known,

F. U.


FOUR POSTS TODAY, Boys & Girls. Clearly I am a man with time on his hands. Should I ever find work that pays, who knows what could happen to this beknighted blog.

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Then, a monologue about ENABLING and the Fools on the Hill...

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Die Mannequin Autumn Cannibalist

TO ENABLE, verb transitive

Recent articles herein, while at opposite ends of other fields, share common threads.

My story about Cheapskates and my several entries about Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and addictions could all be wrapped in the holiday basket called "Enabling."

Cheapskates is that 4-store fixture of the Dunbar neighbourhood, which, for 20 years has been taking in old sports equipment and selling it at marvelously affordable prices (Imagine you have 2 kids who play hockey and another who skis or figure skates; so marry your bank manager already!) The mandarins at City Hall are forcing owner Barry Gilpin to close the stores with onerous and dim-witted new regulations.

We are pleased to see that the story has "gained legs." The Vancouver Sun had no less than a column, an editorial and a Letter to the Editor on the subject. Call it Barry Gilpin Day.

What has this to do with our Blog Title? Simple. One of the many roles of City hall should be/is to create the possibilities for the entreprenurial spirit, to encourage sound business, and especially SMALL BUSINESS, which, many of us continue to believe is the backbone of the economy and the tax base.

Of course, the stories of City Halls across this second-tier nation defeating, deflating and defibrillating the heartbeats of mom-and-pop shops and new initiatives are legendary. The False Creek Ferries, which are an enormous success, and which had to fight tooth and nail to open for business back in 1986 on time for Expo is a classic example of governments doing everything in their power NOT to enable.

On the other hand (as Tevye would say), we have The Nutty Professor, a.k.a. the Mayor of Vancouver doing everything in his power, as did the mayor before him and the mayor before him, to ENABLE addicts to continue merrily along in their addictions. Give 'em dope, give 'em heroin, give 'em substitute cocaine and meth, give 'em needles, give 'em HUGE EXPENSIVE COLOR POSTERS ON THE WALL EXPLAINING HOW TO INJECT.

Why is City hall so confused? Why do they have their asses sewn on to their shoulders?

Where did these little lambs lose their way? Why did we elect them? Was it something in the water?


Bush says "No." And Vice-President Dick Cheney adds, "It won't stop us."

Please read this New York Times article for the latest from Oz. The Wiz continues his breathtaking assualt on reality and common sense and decency - which, you have to admit it, is quite a trifecta.