Monday, September 24, 2007

The Abandonment of Broadcasting

Bruce Allen is a crude, distasteful excuse for a human being.

His rant about immigrants the other day expressed what many Canadians feel.

Unfortunately, it was simplistic, ugly, graceless and without subtlety or shading or understanding of the complexities.

Mr. Allen declares that he is an "editorialist." HAHAHAHA...

And that he "makes people think." HAHAHAHA...

When I was a kid growing up in Winnipeg, we used to describe vanity and self-delusion as a mosquito floating down the Red River on its back with an erection and hollering, OPEN THE DRAWBRIDGE!"

Moreover he is in a clear conflict of interest sitting on the board that will select artists for the 2010 opening and closing ceremonies. He has already selected his own stable of clients.

Management at the radio station have been starf**kers for many years now. I'm surprised they haven't given Todd Bertuzzi his own show.

The fact that they defend Mr. Allen and his superior, white, hate-mongering demonstrates the sewer levels to which this once important community resource has now sunk.

It's Monday. It's National Slug a Citizen Day.

Is this the new standard?

The Daily Reporting of which RCMP officer slugged someone or got drunk and then slugged someone and then got off with a fine or loss of vanilla milkshake break for Friday?

So the poor victim was a diabetic, momentarily incapacitated by his illness and the cop, brushing past the nurses, and refusing to pause long enough to ask the poor guy id he was OK, just timbered up on him for the same reason a dog licks himself - because he can.

Is anyone in charge of the RCMP these days?

Does anyone in the Force care about who they are and how the public now perceives them?

As in, really, really badly.

Where's Nelson Eddy when you need him, boys?

Freedom of Speech?

It is impossible to grab all of the details and nuances of the appearance of Mahmoud the Maniac at Columbia this morning.

For those who wish to fully enter the Land of Oz - WARNING: this is only for people who truly know who they are - read the story in the NY Times and then the blow-by-unbelievable blow Blog direct from Columbia.

Sanity at risk...good luck.