Thursday, August 16, 2007

DOG-MATIC? Guest Blogger Victor

So, the Moslem cabbie refuses a blind man because the guide dog is an affront to the cabbie's religion.

May I be so bold as to request a statement from Moslem leadership that under no circumstances should a dog ever be used to rescue or find an endangered Moslem child or senior.

May I further request a statement that under no circumstances can a dog ever be used to find lost Moslem property, locate the thieves or protect Moslems from bigoted mobs.

The howler in all this is the cabbie's statement to the effect that he hopes this builds respect for his religion. Sorry. It merely confirms a perception of rigid, heartless dogmatism better left in the 7th century.

TUTS "Oklahoma" a Deserved Hit

Theatre Under the Stars is back and in full glory.

After a shaky year or two and a new Board and management team, Stanley Park is filled night after night these summer months with families enjoying "Grease" and "Oklahoma."

We saw the first-rate, stellar production of "Oklahoma" last night. Singing, dancing, direction, sets, costumes, musical direction, all gloriously in sync and honoring this wonderful old piece of theatre that, in 1943, revolutionized the form.

And to sit under the stars with popcorn and drinks and the night air and a good blanket over knees and a full house - what could be better?


I'm almost 65 and in all my years of theatre going, I have never before heard (SO LOUDLY) people talking right through the overture. And I'm not talking about just talking. I'm talking shrieking and bellowing. And all my rude stares accomplished nothing.

Somewhere into the second or third song, these 4 female idiots finally became adults (They were all in their 40's or 50's.) and shut up.

Now...having got that off my chest...

Friday is the last performance of "Oklahoma." Last night was justifiably sold out. If you can get a ticket, go!

The Emperor's Clothes - Dope Style

An 8 year old boy is rushed to a Surrey hospital with a heroin overdose.

His lovely mother is taken into custody.

And nobody in charge gets it.

What will bring the politicians and bureaucrats to the Treatment Table?

Sports Gambling - Is Anyone Investigating?

For the best coverage of the Tim Donaghy scandal (NBA referee and gambler), read this NY Times story, complete with video.

However...nobody has asked what seems to me the obvious question:

Is this a case of a rogue bad apple, or the tip of an iceberg?

If known gamblers and criminals are wired into a Tim Donaghy, why would they not be making dozens of similar deals with other short men who are surrounded by hulking mammoths who earn millions compared to their own blue collar wages?

Is this a freak of nature or a cottage industry?

The NBA appears to be happy to take the foul shot and call it a game.