Monday, May 14, 2007

Audio Rant Below

Brian Williams, Kate Couric, Stone Philips, Hudson Mack, Air India, Parks Canada, Checks & Balances and the very, very teensy tiny Bush Library...

Broadcasters Et Al

The News From Venice

CURIO. "Closed for depression". This is the curiosity-provoking notice thatappears on the newspaper kiosk along Fondamente Nove in Venice. Beneath the signis an explanation -- the news dealer claims that he's had a nervous breakdown."I can't go on," he says. "I have to give tourists hundreds of bits ofinformation every day, responding to the most cockeyed queries. An example?Where is the pink castle? (the Doge's Palace). Where is the bus stop for Murano?(Murano is an island). Where is Fontana di Trevi? (Fontana di Trevi is inRome)." The explanation continues with irony and humour but also cogency: "I amone of many Venetians who is the victim of tourism, trading in a commodity thatuses my time but provides no source of income. Ask my nerves!" Other shopkeepersare more practical. They display signs saying "No info, please."Wish to comment on this article?